Sunday, April 25, 2004

Recent Finds 

Working in St. Louis has opened up a whole new world to me - lunch break geocaching. It's a great way to break up the day and make it go faster. Pretty soon, though, this resource will be exhausted and I'll have to start caching on the way home after work. Yeah!

Here's some comments on my recent finds.

Jones-ing (GCHBAB) - St. Louis county. Micro in a busy corporate area. Felt like I was being watched the whole time, and probably was. This one is best left for after-hours cache hunting.

Here Comes The Bride (GCJ436) - a new cache in the Lead Belt. Coordinates were way off, but still you had to know about where this one was going to be. Lots of kids hanging around. Waiting for them to drift off was the biggest challenge. I understand there were some issues with the container when wet, but they have been resolved. I like this area and I'm glad there's another cache here.

Silver Mines I (GCGNRW) - Madison county, MO. This is one of mine, now in the archives. Strider helped me hunt for this one again. It's definitely gone.

Man, It's Great to Cache! (MIGC) (GCHRXN) - Ste. Genevieve county. Found this one on the way home from St. Louis. A good break for traveling cachers. I really had to smile when I found this one (see log).

Take An Inch (GCHP3W) - St. Louis county. Now this is a unique and beautiful area. I'd like to know more about its history. Well worth the trip. They need to put in some picnic tables - and restrooms. Neat idea for the logbook. Don't tell anybody, but I took over two inches!

Suburban Oasis (GCF286) - St. Louis county. Another quick and easy find in the same area as "Take an Inch." You can grab them both in less than an hour. Do it.

Skater Bug Hotel (GCHR6H) - St. Louis county. This one is easy, but maybe not so quick. Hard to get a good lock in the dense foliage. Good luck if you don't look at the clue. I came in from a different starting point than timotab anticipated so I didn't get the significance of the title.

Sunrise/Sunset (GCJ53T) - St. Louis county. I think this one shows how oblivious we can be to the world around us. I'll bet many folks who live nearby didn't know this was a park. Nice job, Three J's.

Whispering Hills Cache (GCGC3H) - St. Louis county. Nice residential area. It's harder to find the right street than it is to find the cache. Kind of surprising that little kids haven't found this one by now.

Howling Wind by the Lake (GCH79M) - St. Louis county. Another one that's easy, but maybe not so quick. I've never been in this park before. It's very nice.

Happy Birthday LJR!!! 

Today's the big 5-0 for LJR! Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday next time you see her.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Know Future Update 

I just finished my first week on the new job. That's why I haven't been blogging much lately. Like any new job, it's been stressful: meeting new people and trying to remember their names, a new and different way of doing things. Just trying to figure out where things are at, like pencils, is a minor problem.

Despite all that kind of stuff I think I made the right choice. Right now I'm doing geologic research for a proposed stormwater tunnel system for north St. Louis. More later.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Geocaching Notes 03 APR 04 

Spent the day caching in southwestern Illinois. Pretty country and great views on the bluffs along the Mississippi.

Hit the Pioneer Memorial (GCE9D6) a virtual cache dedicated to several families from Switzerland that settled this immediate area in the 19th century. A quaint little Methodist church (inactive?) and in the adjacent graveyard a truly bizarre monument that gives their history in considerable detail. I had numerous thoughts while wandering the grounds:

? Where did they come up with this monstrosity?
? Love the quirky minimalist styling
? How much did this thing cost?
? What were they thinking?

If you're in the area grabbing other caches, this one is worth hitting.

Rural Rendezvous (GC2ED) is easy and pleasant. Ray Macke did a nice job on this one. It takes about 20 minutes and 1/2 mile walk along the edge of a field.

Karen's Cache (GC5BE) is in an old coal strip mine that's been converted to a recreation area. Don't laugh. Strip mine ponds can have some of the best bass fishing you'll find. These are also stocked with northern pike. Too windy today for good fishing, but lots of trap shooters out. The clues aren't much help, but it's easy to find the cache without them. I wish I had brought a blank log book. This one is falling apart.

I believe that Denmark Cache (GC19D3) is toast. I easily found the first two waypoints on this multicache, which takes you to various points within another strip mine recreation area. I searched for over an hour for the final cache, but no luck. When I got back I saw that Geo Jim did this one the day before, with the same result. It was fun driving around this vaguely alien looking terrain. I saw only three people the whole time, even on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Stone's Spring (GCHHF9) is a quick and easy roadside cache. I'm not crazy about caching along a busy highway, where every passerby can see what you're doing (even though I've placed a few like this myself). That's probably why it got stolen recently. Anyway, it took me a minute to figure out how to get to this one and even then, my arms were almost too short to reach it. They did a really nice job on the spring. Too bad it's not safe to drink.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Not Fooling Around 

Happy April Fool's Day! I'm off so I went back to Hawn to find the caches I missed during the event. The redbuds popped this week, but it looks like they've already been nipped by frost. We've had such weird weather this winter and spring. One might think it's global warming, but climates change with time, so who knows?

Anyway, I found caches 4, 11, 12 and 19 without incident. MIGC-04 was quite a hike, but worth the effort. That finishes up the series for me.

When I hit the trail this morning there was nobody in the parking (pavilion) area and just a few trailers in the campground. I heard someone shout from quite a distance when I was at 11, but didn't give it much thought.

Well, when I got back to the pavilion, the place was jammed with police cars, an ambulance and people running around all over the place. A 7 year old boy had run ahead of his parents while they were hiking the Whispering Pines trail and was lost. I stayed for a couple of hours and tried to help. I walked part of the White Oaks trail with another volunteer. As I left the park, tired and hungry, at 4:00 PM, a helicopter was taking off from the field where we parked for MIGC.

I heard later, on the news, that young Matthew had been found, unharmed, shortly after I left. The best news of the day.

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