Sunday, November 28, 2004

Getting Back to the Blog... 

Whoa! Has it been four months since my last posting? Please accept my apologies and thanks so much for your patience.

The elections are over and the Republicans are still in the driver's seat, more firmly buckled in than ever before (was there every really any doubt?). That means we can all get on with our lives and I can get back to geocaching. But before I do, just a few political thoughts.

Social Security - I believe we really do need to privatize a portion of our contributions, and eventually convert it to a 100% personal savings program. No matter what people say, the demographics of our aging society prevent us from maintaining the status quo. The question is, how to make the switch? This will be the biggest change in government social programs since the depression, but it's a change we have to make. The longest journey, as always, begins with the first step.

Democrats - amazed at their self-destructive venom towards George Bush. Their knee-jerk opposition to absolutely everything W proposes has forced the Dems into a radical left-wing posture that no one outside of the AFL-CIO and Hollywood supports. This red-state conservative thinks it will take a generation for the party leadership to get back in touch with America and repair the damage done by Kerry, Dean et al. They need to talk to Joe Liebermann, the only one of the bunch who understands their problems.

BTW, you'll soon notice that I've started my own political campaign for 2006. I want to be your write-in candidate for any office on any ballot across the nation. You know all those races where you don't have a clue about either candidate? Or the incumbent is running unopposed? Don't flip a coin, or leave it blank. Write-in "Know Future" next time. I promise, if elected, to work tirelessly to promote geocaching in every way. Don't forget.

I've been working (and geocaching) in Kansas and Nebraska for most of the past six weeks. It's a little different than what I'm used to. Basically, it's drive, drive, drive (40-50 miles) then walk right up to a 1/1 cache. No challenge for the most part. RGS needs to come out here and teach these folks how to use their imagination.

Interesting, though, that people out here have a respect for others that we lack back in the St. Louis area. I've found a number of caches just sitting in the open where non-geocachers have surely seen them. But they are not stolen or vandalized. Wish we were so civilized.

Find number 200 for me this weekend. Took eight months to go from 100 to 200. I'm afraid that's about as fast as I'll be able to go, with work cutting into my cache-hunting time.


Know Future

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