Thursday, December 09, 2004

Tidd’s Trail & Outdoor Classroom - GCM834 

N 38° 24.410 W 090° 22.968

Submitted today - not yet approved. A great FTF opportunity!

Here’s an interesting area, just off Jeffco Boulevard, in the Beck community. The trail belongs to Rockport Heights Elementary School. Park at the north end of the lot to access the trail head.

Discover the many wonders hidden among the cedars, such as:
- Spool Room (sponsored by AmerenUE)
- Amphitheater
- Pulliam’s Pavilion (watch where you sit!)
- Reading Circle- Funky’s Pond (watch for Funky the otter)
- Boardwalk
- Classroom
- Ms. J Walkway (dedicated to Sonja Jensenson, the principal’s wife)
- Historic Playground (preserved from the 1970s)
- Nature’s Conveyor Belt (you’ll have to keep your eyes open to spot this one)

Keep in mind that this area is an outdoor classroom, so if you visit during school hours you may be asked to lecture on the birds, the bees, or some other facet of nature. I also discovered that if you say the “Magic Word,” you have to buy ice cream for all the kids. The magic word changes every day, and I suspect it may change from minute to minute. It’s a racket, so you’re gonna buy ice cream, not matter what.

The cache is a metal capsule, about 2 inches long. It’s hidden at the end of Ms. J Walkway. Tragically, Mrs. Jensenson plunged to her death from this point, in 1996, while lecturing to a class about crossing footbridges safely. No casualties since the new rails were installed.

Mr. Adolph Jensenson, the principal, was very enthusiastic about placing this cache, but asked me to caution geocachers that traffic in the parking lot is heavy between the hours of 7:00 – 8:00 AM and 3:00 – 4:00 PM. Please drive carefully and yield to pedestrians and school buses.

Additional Hints: Lbh zvtug or fgnaqvat ba vg.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

It's Official... 

I've consulted my political advisors, conducted several straw polls and come to the inevitable conclusion that now, more than ever, the public, in general, and geocachers, in particular, need me, Know Future, to step up to the plate and represent your interests in public office.

That's why I'm officially running as the write-in candidate for any office, in any election, anywhere in the USA. Here's my official political platform:

I support Geocaching on ALL public land … from wilderness to the White House – if it’s public it should be cacheable.

Did you vote last November? When you got to the second, or third, page of the ballot, did you really know who you were voting for? Recorder of Deeds? County Roads Commissioner – Sector R? You know what I mean. How many incumbents ran unopposed in your local elections? Did you vote for some candidates, without a clue as to why?

I say, don’t let this happen again. Instead of wasting your vote on candidates you don’t know, waste it on me – Know Future. Send’em a message, folks. Tell your local, state and national government officials that we want full access to all public lands for Geocaching. Elect me to the School Board and, by golly, I’ll place a micro in the superintendent’s office.

So next time you go to the polls, Vote Know Future – Write-in Candidate, Any Office. Thank you and God Bless.

For more information,
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